Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Indy Ads 2

The first Indy ad. Rick Blackhart, Skateboarder Magazine, July 1978. Photo by John Krisick.
Steve Olson, Skateboarder Magazine, October 1978. The angle, the cast, the wheels- everything just looks fucking cool. Photo By John Krisick.
Scott Foss, Skateboarder Magazine, December 1979. Photo by Ted Terrebonne. Indy stickers on the kneepads and skate gloves.
This might be the most important Indy ad of all- maybe the most important ad in skateboarding history. Thrasher Magazine, February 1983. Photo by C.R. Stecyk III. The way it was told to me was this: Grant Brittain shot for Thrasher at the time from so cal., this ad hit the streets, Grant didn't think this ad or the attitude of Thrasher was representing skateboarding, he quit and started Transworld under Larry Balma's wing (the guy who owned Tracker, Indy's biggest competition, archenemies, so cal vs. nor cal- you get the picture). The fact that someone could get bummed from this ad just vindicated everything that Indy and Thrasher stood for.
Thrasher Magazine, August 1984. This was Indy's response to Tracker and Gullwing- where they had all these fancy color ways and Indy still out sold them and out "cooled" them with just the raw truck. Photos by C.R. Stecyk III.
Thrasher Magazine, June 1985. An Indy sticker, a Thrasher sticker, some hi top Vans, your board and your own car. In 1985 I was 15 and this ad summed up everything I thought about everyday. Photo by Mofo.
Thrasher Magazine, May 1989. Tommy G. enough said. Photo by Bryce Kanights.
Gonzo, Thrasher Magazine, May 1990. Gonz was a Venture guy forever- then he switched- and that was rad. Photo by Bryce Kanights.

Chad Jackson, Slap Magazine, April 1992. The first issue of Slap. I think Tobin Yelland shot the photo. This was the first Indy Ad that I laid out.
Mike Carroll, Thrasher Magazine, August 1991. The first Indy ad I shot. Studio 43 ramp.
These are just some of my favorites, but there's tons of great Indy ads from the past. NHS has been talking about releasing a book of all their ads- so everyone email Indy and help make it happen.


J Grant Brittain said...

Ok Lance, there's some misinformation in your blog and I think you need to correct it.
Let me get a few things straight.
I never worked for Thrasher. I was the manager at the Del Mar Skate Ranch. I probably had 6 photos total printed in Thrasher, which was a surprise since they hated San Diego and probably me too since I was from San Diego. When this ad appeared in Thrasher I was still working at DMSR. Peggy Cozens and Larry Balma are the two people that started Transworld Skateboarding Magazine and I was asked to submit photos to their first issue. The Indy ad was THEIR reaction to them starting Transworld. I had no input in that decision, they were the owners and I had no say. When the first issue of TWS showed up at DMSR we all laughed at how corny it was, the whole Skate and Create thing, Be Good, Be Good. Did I mention that I worked at the Skatepark and not at Thrasher? The reason I started to work for TWS is because I could actually get my photos printed in a magazine. So Lance, I know you weren't around back then and depend on what the older guys tell you, but maybe you try coming to the source. Why listen to second hand hearsay?
By the way, that Indy ad was great and groundbreaking.

Lance Dawes said...

I love hearing about the old days! Thanks for the lesson Grant. As for "second hand hearsay", I was told this story by Fausto and Stecyk- who am I to second guess them? You got to write a book Grant- you know we all want to read it!!

J Grant Brittain said...

Well, I guess they were wrong, the timeline doesn't match up. Guilty by association I guess.
Did they also say I was a staff photographer at Thrasher? They were wrong there too. I contributed a handful of photos to Thrasher prior to 1983 and they ran a few of their riders. I doubted whether Fausto knew me outside of being the guy that ran Del Mar Skate Ranch and Stecyk only knew me because I shot Hawk photos.
Never got any money for the photos they ran. I was just stoked I got a photo in a magazine, the only magazine. How does one quit what one is not a part of? I stopped sending Thrasher photos because I couldn't get them to run my photos because of my photos lacking quality or my geographic affiliation, pure and simple.

Lance Dawes said...

Again, thanks Grant. I don't think my blog has any clot or authority therefore it's just my opinion. I'm just one guy reminiscing about my own past and the stories handed down to me. Like I said before, Fausto and Stecyk told me these stories- who am I to second guess them? But, in hindsight....
And yes, Thrasher, and especially Jake, like to hold on to their grudges. I've tried to stay in the middle for the most part- but then again I have nothing to do with Thrasher or High Speed.

J Grant Brittain said...


Rusty Knuckles said...

bad fuckn ass! Perfect diatribe to understand cali skating from back in the day...