Monday, May 10, 2010

Indy Ads 1

Lee Bender's Indy ad made me think about how much fun I had shooting and laying out ads for Indy. I did this Jim Greco ad in late 2005. Fausto had Kevin Ancell make these Indy sledge hammers and gave one to me. Well, at the time the HAMMER and Greco were synonymous- so, this was obvious. Thrasher, 2006.
Braydon Szafranski, fridged kick over a funbox in Melbourne Australia. 2008. Indy ads have always been about the skater and skating, or what the image of Indy is/was about- which set it apart from all the other truck ads that were just product shots and jingles. I guess times have changed though.
I made this ad for Dice Magazine, a small mag about motorcycles. They started making an insert in the middle of the mag about skating. Black, red, white- Indy colors, HA colors. I've always been a sucker for checker boards.
Jeff Grosso, The Hook, El Paso TX- 2008. We shot this photo on the Indy 30 year tour, I laid it out that night in the hotel room. Rhino in the background.

Todd Jordan, Spain, 2007.

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jimmy the pick said...

that shot of Grosso is a killer.