Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I went to Austin, TX. last week to shoot the South x Southwest music festival for the Associated Press. William Philpott, Tobin Yelland, Jonathan Mehring, Anthony Bolante and myself ran around like crazy trying to shoot as a many bands as possible. Over 80 venues, over 2000 bands and 5 days stomping around downtown Austin. My feet were swollen after the first day. I got to see a ton of good bands and lots that I didn't think I'd like but were really good. Scorpion Child, Sleepy Sun, Naam and Bison BC are now on my radar.

I've never been a big Bone, Thugs and Harmony fan but it was one of the best hip hop shows I'd ever seen. They played unannounced at The Levi's Fader Fort, and the crowd went wild.
Crank County Daredevils. These are my friends I stayed with for the first couple of nights. Straight out of Ashville, NC. and on Ralph Miller's Rusty Knuckles label. These guys put on a show that's hard to beat- on stage and off.
Death. The newly re-discovered forefathers of The Bad Brains.
Gates Of Slumber.
Jimmie Vaughan.
J. Mascis. Played all Dinosaur Jr. songs on a plugged in acoustic.
Naam. The bass player was all over the place ........ HEAVY.
Lou Barlow.
Never Shout Never. I actually felt to old to be there.
Off! Keith Morris (Circle Jerks and Black Flag- duh) singing, Steven McDonald (Redd Kross) on guitar and Mario Rubalcaba on drumms.
Rocky Erickson.
Scorpion Child. Good stage presence and rock-n-roll music.
Scorpion Child.
Aryn Schwartz of Scorpion Child.
Sleepy Sun. Tripped out acid rock.
Sleigh Bells. She had 2 iPods and a guitar player.
Sleigh Bells.
Sleigh Bells.
Stricken City.

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour. Poppy euro dance, but she had a cool vibe and looked a lot like a skinnier, hotter Debbie Harry.
The Asteroids Galaxy Tour.
The Yellow Dogs. These guys are from Tehran Iran. That takes balls.
The Joy. The singer had a real Janis Joplin thing going on with her voice. Pretty impressive.
Jessi Darlin of Those Darlins. The bass player (not pictured) looked like she was wasted out of her skull.

Thurston Moore.

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