Thursday, March 25, 2010

Boy Riding Ramp with Skateboard
Original caption: Skateboards are back in big way. Big,
as in the new maxi-skateboard, a near surfboard sized
big brother to the puny sidewalk boards of yore.
Lance Dawes, 14, Silver Spring, Maryland, uses his maxi-board
on a skateboard ramp in Virginia Beach Municipal Park recently.
© Bettmann/CORBIS
August 07, 1985
My friend Johnny Schillereff told me that his mom saved everything "skating"
from when he grew up in Virginia Beach. He told me years ago that she had a
newspaper clipping with a picture of me in it. I finally came across it on the web.
My mom lived in VB in the early 80's and I'd go visit her in the summers. I'd cut
through a few backyards and I'd be at Trashmore. When other kids were in school
I'd skate the ramp and have it all to myself. Pink Raeategui, pink Rat Bones and black Motobuilts.
The only time I didn't ride Indy's.


Rob said...

That's the little ramp at Trashmore as you can see the vert ramp in the background. There was only one platform on that small ramp.

Darren said...

what we need to do is build a identicle piece of sh*t and have you do fsa today! then and now!!!