Wednesday, August 24, 2011

2011 was the best year yet at Bonneville- not a lot of cars racing, not a lot of spectators scrambling for photo ops and the weather was in the 90's. And after a few long years we finally got a record with the '53 Mainline. Actually 2 records!!! The first day out Chad Ausburn drove in the XF/BFALT (flathead/blown/fuel/altered) class and went 121mph on a 114mph record, while the next day Jake Doomey changed classes (XF/BGALT) and crushed the 115mph record with a 126mph!!! The first flathead records for the Bean Bandits since 1988. Stoked......

Sunrise on the salt.
Jake Doomey's record breaker run.
Moto contraption with a side-hack.
296 in impound!
Chad gearing up to get down.
Doomey sunrise.
So the tow rope broke while Julio was steering the bellytank, it snapped back and hit him in the noggin- lucky it wasn't his eye. After a quick wrap up Conklin-stein gets all artsy with some Bean Bandit insignia.
Tony and Richard Lux.
2011, 296 Bean Bandits crew. See you next year.

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