Monday, October 18, 2010

Last night I met up with longtime-ago Slap art director and pal Hassan, who was shooting a music video for the band Scream. If you haven't heard of them do your homework and get back to me. One of, if not THE greatest hardcore band from D.C. (I don't even count The Bad Brains or Minor Threat- that's a whole 'nother level). Peter and Franz Stahl, Skeeter Thompson and Kent Stax- all original members. Scream was the first to have a full album on Dischord- "Still Screaming". They're back together and making a new album. They played all the OG songs last night and it gave me the shivers- I spent my teenage years running around D.C. watching Scream play whenever I could.


hans said...

I completely agree with you.

Paul Wis said...

Yeah man good shit, I'd love to catch 'em.