Monday, January 11, 2010

Mike Vallely and Ed Templeton in Addo National Park, South Africa. The park was a couple hundred square miles, surrounded by a 12' high King-Kong fence. You paid a $1 to drive your car in the gate, then you were on your own. We didn't see another car for at least 3 hours. When we drove in, there was a big sign that read "Do not leave your car or you will become part of the food chain"- great, we got a flat tire. Ed was freaking out and constantly looking over his shoulder for charging rhinos, warthogs and baboons.


KL said...

righteous elephant photos! Have you ever checked out nick brandt's work?

Lance Dawes said...

Nick Brandt, Michael Nichols and Frans Lenting are all total inspirations. I'm also a sucker for Peter Beard.