Monday, November 16, 2009

This past weekend was the last race at El Mirage for the season. Tailwind the first day, headwind the next.

The Proud American, (a prototype rocket car), and The Bonneville Boss truck. This thing showed up, they unloaded it, shot some photos, loaded it back up and took off. Built in the 70's to raise money to build a REAL rocket car. The Boss was built by Dean Moon.

Diesel powered Hudson pick-up. This truck was built to be driven by a paraplegic. Awesome.

The 102 car. '53 Customline. This car has been racing nonstop for over 30 years.
The future- Cooper Finn.

Moto madness with a side-hack. One of my favorites every year.

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lee bender said...

good talking today. photos are killer. ill be back in az in a year and i really wanna make it out for one of these events... so, next year if alls well... ill ride the chop out..