Thursday, October 8, 2009

Talked to Brewce Martin yesterday and he's doing alright after his accident.
Seems that he was changing a tire from one rim to another and it exploded
on him. Broke some bones in his face and arm. Hospital for 8 weeks.


lee bender said...

bailey was there the year these photos were taken, sloppy sam thru the bowled skeleton corner, burning magnesium plates, potato guns and trucks running over tents in the middle of the night. june of 2000

Lance Dawes said...

When they were burning the magnesium truck bed some guy named Carter? thought he could run through the fire and jump on the hood of the truck. He was wearing shorts, slipped on the hood and seared the skin off his leg. It looked like strawberry jelly. And when Sloppy did the grind around the skeleton, at night, with barely any deck, drunk- was one of the gnarliest things in skateboarding I've ever seen. This was also the year that Bam and CKY showed up to play, Brewce said he wasn't going to pay them, their uHaul truck got stuck in the mud, and everyone blasted them with potato guns and put holes through the side of it (the truck). I also got there a week early, slept on a lawn chair in the field with an umbrella, and played base for Dave Ruel's band- The Skatanic Rednecks. Great times.

Rusty Knuckles said...

Any way to get Crank County to play this mayhem next year? It would be perfect and easy to do as we are relatively close.