Monday, August 17, 2009

Jim's Ramp Jam, 1996. A free-for-all, head-to-head death match on a mini ramp. Oakland, Ca. One of the raddest contests/sessions ever in skating. Here's some of the people that were there.
Aris and Tim Brauch.
The Züch and Danny Sargent.
Deawon Song and Kris Markovich.
Dave Young and Eric Dressen.
Cardiel and Andy Roy.
Sean Mandoli and Dan Drehobl.
Pat Duffy and Dirty Gary.
Max and Phelps and Dr. Brian Chung.
Johnny Fonseca and Chef Pierre.

Gabe Morford and Mike York.
Greg Hunt and Karma Tsocheff.
Greg Carroll.

Scott Bourne.

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