Thursday, July 2, 2009

My mom's a painter outside of Philly. She just sold this at an art show.

Soccer field in Lyon, France. Lyon beat Real Madrid 3-0 when I went to this game. Amazing. Thanks Boglio.

A young Tommy Guerrero in SF. Style for miles. Don't know who took the photo.

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photoblog said...

Jesus, that's a great picture of Lyon's ground. Stadium photos look amazing, so much better than the press shots. I saw Lyon play at the San Siro a few years ago.... In the Lyon end. The best photo I have ever taken was at that game on Polaroid. The fans were a bit moody, the tube dumped us miles from the city and Lyon threw it away but it was a good night. Benzema has gone to Real Madrid and should be playing in red and white but fuck Benzema and fuck Madrid. Arsenal forever.