Thursday, June 25, 2009

Rune's broken board.
Down and out. Even vert champs can't beat the streets.
Anthony Van Engelen. This was in the limo on the way to the DC premier in 2003? High on Jack, AVE was rocking the leather pants and the zebra skin boots. One of the best video parts ever. I was up till 6am that night waiting to get him out of county. Though he's better off these days not being "THAT GUY", I miss the old Chobby.
This could have been the same day or at the Captain and Casey show. AVE and Rene Rene. 
Speaking about the old AVE always makes me think of Shit Cakes, aka Peppermint Paddy, aka Alex Parker, aka Alex Olson. Alex started hanging around me and AVE when he was about 15-16. We barbecued everyday, taught him the ways of rock-n-roll music and occasionally went skating. Good kid and now an even better Hollywood adult.

Jake Phelps. Great Wall. 2006.

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