Friday, May 22, 2009

Been out of it for a minute- sorry.
I was recently fired, aka. "let go", from High Speed Productions- Slap and Thrasher.
I started working there in October 1990 as a darkroom tech, moved on to start Slap in January 1992, resigned as editor in September 1999 to move to LA and continued to be a staff contributing photographer and editor till last Monday. No regrets. HS is like family and I'll always have their back. It was an amazing ride.
Anyways, we went to El Mirage last weekend for the first race of the season and blew the cam on the first run. What you gonna do.

Steve Olson.

It's a bail, but could easily be a make. Olson in Austria.

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onesickrace said...

damn thug. sorry to hear about the job deal... more time to do more shit though!