Monday, March 2, 2009

Stole this photo from Max Schaaf's blog 4qconditioning.
Max builds motorcycles and paints a killer tank, AND rips for Real Skateboards.

Photo- Max Schaaf
Here's the '64 Rivi that Van Engelen got 5 years back and it's been sitting at my house for 4 years. He got the engine rebuilt and shaved the body. I pulled the AC unit, which wasn't working, and the smog pump, put in a new alternator and voltage regulator. It's ready for some minor details and paint. I'm going for a heavy metallic magenta (not metal flake) with a cream roof. Max's peacock feathers would look sick up there.

Something like this

Also, check out my friend Ralph Miller's site Rusty Knuckles.
Paints, builds bikes, web master, NOLA aficionado and hopefully a Bonneville participant this year.

While I'm at it, I recommend going to Mike O'Meally's site too.
I think the best skate photographer in the business right now.

Photo- Mike O'Meally.

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