Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Spain '97

In '97 me and Dan Drehobl decided to go explore Spain. The Hellride had been through there and brought back tales of cement and sand. We had to see it to believe it. Spain wasn't the skateboarders tourist trap yet. Madrid, Barcelona, San Sebastian, Sevilla, Valencia. Met a kid named Chewky who became our tour guy and good friend. One month, no filmer- the way it should be. Rented a car and got lost on purpose. "Where's that road go?" "Don't know- lets go." Got drunk, tried to run with the bulls in Pamplona, made out with a girl on the beach during sunrise, skated tons of parks. This photo is of some graffiti on a wall at a skatepark. Everything was written in Spainish except for this. Pretty much sums up life.

Double dipper. Tight and fun.

Dan inverts on cement. Found it somewhere along the way. 

Dan. Fried. Marseilles bound. Train rides with rickety windows, smoke wherever you want- that's traveling.

Sunset at Algorta. If you want to go on a paradise skate mission this is where you go.

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Susana Catalá said...

97? Long time ago...