Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Quito, Ecuador

Peter Hewitt, Park De Carolina pipe, Quito, Ecuador. One of the best trips ever. The crew was Hewitt, Phelps, Mic-e Reyes, Luke Ogden, Julian Stranger, Arco, Salman Agah, Cardiel, Drehobl, Karma Tsocheff, Mike and Greg Carroll, Sam Smyth, Rick Ibeseta, Jesse Paez, Choppy Omega, Richard Kirby, Joey Tershey and myself. Hell Ride vs. Hella Ride. 1997.


✃LURK HARD said...

great photo

onesickrace said...

stories for days.

Zuri said...

You will love Ecuador because is such a diverse and peaceful country. It is a great location for adventure sports specially in the Highlands, the Jungle and the Coast.


Justin said...

I've always wondered about this trip. How come there were no Mike Carroll photos in either the Slap or Thrasher story that covered this tour? He was mentioned as having skated well in both articles.

Since I'm asking, how did Mike and Sam end up this trip? It doesn't seem like something they would go on, but at the same time, it was mostly SF guys so it makes sense.

What happened to Richard Kirby, too?

Lance Dawes said...

Richard Kirby plays music in a band. High Desert area. Good question about Mike, I'll have to go back and find some photos of him from that trip. And Mike and Sam were and still are inseparable so we talked Mike into coming just to get him out of his comfort zone. You've seen it more in the last few years, but Mike has always been a tranny killer.