Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Best of the Best

The greatest hardcore bands ever. In no order except for the first three. And I'm probably missing a few. If you disagree you're fucked.

Bad Brains- given.

The Void side of Void/Faith- obviously. Time to die you're next.
There isn't another Boston band that even came close.

Danzig- the punkrock Elvis. My Dad went in the store to buy cigarettes and I went into the record store next door. I begged him for money. I came out with Walk Among Us, TSOL's Dance With Me and DOA's Bloodied But Unbowed. Epic day. 1984.

Be like a man. Go to their show and get stomped. Ask Phelps.

Oxnard! Oxnard! Nardcore!!!

John Wayne Was A Nazi- one of the best bass lines on any punk/hardcore record.

Blisteringly fast junkies.
This 7" came in a Schism 'zine. $2.99 at Vinyl Ink Records in Silver Spring MD. I still have 2 left. Hardest Straightedge at the time.

The most underground, overlooked and underrated '80's band in DC. Potential Suicide/Youth Crimes 7" and Senseless Offerings are a must have if you consider yourself knowing anything about hardcore.

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