Sunday, February 8, 2009


Keith Hufnagel was a travel partner for years. We went all over the world. Keith started "HUF"  which slowed down his skate traveling but not his skating. This was in Porto Alegre, Brazil- drunk at a bar. The locals kept hearing us call him "Bagel", short for "HufBagel", skewed from Hufnagel. In their accent "Bagel" became "Bacon". Nice linguistic meltdown.


✃LURK HARD said...

Great photo.

Cesar Rodrigues said...

hahahaha... I'm also remember this too... Great times, making new friends and know them a little, behind the fame.... Crazy ! I'm also do remember him doing some "ART WORK" after this party on the hotel room with rolls of toilet paper, hehehehehe...Do you remember this ? I will place those pics at my blog and give you the credits.. Hope you don't mind... Good luck Lance and all my best.